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Local News-Weather-River & Obits
5:30A-6A-6:30A-7A-8A-9A-12P & 5P
Local  Sports 6:30,7:30 & 12:20-5:22P
NBC Sports Every Hour @ :45 Past
WWO News Top Of Every Hour
CNBC Business News Twice Daily
RFD Illinois & Brownfield Ag News
5:35-6:18-9:15-9:30A &12:45-5:17P
Trading Post 8:35A
Lunch Menus 6:30A -7:16A & 5:22P
Community Calendar 8:30A
In Touch 11:42A Chapel Time 11:55A
Sabula Says Thursday 12:10P
Above Programs are Monday-Friday
Weekend Schedule Varies
The Lutheran Hour Sun 6A
Faith Lutheran Church Sun 7A
Mt Carroll Church Of God Sun 8A
St Peters Lutheran Church Sun 9A
Monthly Church Service Sun 10A
Grace Bible Church Sun 11:30A
1st Reformed Church Sun 6P
Ebenezer Reformed Church Sun 7P